Momentum VPA is a simple yet proven concept. Over the years, I have been approached by a wide range of individuals and businesses, to implement order and structure and to provide the essential MOMENTUM that is crucial to progress.  In turn, my support allows my clients to re-focus and prioritise where their energies should be spent.

My working passions and strengths are multi-layered but focus on being an integral part of an efficient and successful business as well as optimising my people skills through focused communications and building strong relationships with people.

What does a Virtual Assistant do?

A Virtual Assistant can work in the same way as any other support staff can, just without the need for a permanent onsite member of staff.

Hiring a Virtual Personal Assistant frees up your time to allow you to focus on the work that you need to prioritise. It’s always faster and more efficient in the long run to delegate out duties to a capable expert.

Firstly when hiring a virtual assistant is to make a list of the tasks you need to outsource. I recommend putting together a complete list, prioritising all activities you could want to delegate. For example, if diary management is time-consuming and tedious, put put that pride of place. Perhaps Event Organisation is taking too much time, if so add that as a priority on your list.

Secondly we book in a face to face meeting to run through what areas we can support you with. We then prioritise what areas are critical and where you can get the most from our expertise.