A Bit About Gabby

Early Life

Born and raised in South Africa, lived in Sydney for six years and then back to the UK for boarding school and I have been here ever since. 

Early Career

I started my career as an FCA regulated stock broker in The City before choosing to become an Executive Assistant. After many years of working in-house for CEOs, Managing Partners, Family Offices and HNWIs, I decided to set up Momentum VPA, working from my office in Kent, near Sevenoaks.

About Momentum VPA

Momentum VPA is a simple yet proven concept. Over the years, I have been approached by a wide range of individuals and businesses, to implement order and structure and to provide the essential MOMENTUM that is crucial to progress.  In turn, my support allows my clients to re-focus and prioritise where their energies should be spent.

Why Gabby?

My working passions and strengths are multi-layered but focus on being an integral part of an efficient and successful business as well as optimising my people skills through focused communications and building strong relationships with people.

In partnering with you, I take an interest in your business to provide you with quality assistance on an as-need basis.

Working remotely, I will efficiently, confidently and quietly put the working cogs of your business, in sync, and keep them that way.

Why I setup Momentum VPA

My family moved from Central London to Sevenoaks, Kent in 2011. My husband continues to work in the city and commutes daily, and I was a stay at home mum for our two boys.

Once the boys were older, I felt it was the right time for myself and my family to start my business again and offer Virtual Personal Assistant Services to like minded individuals who needed my support.

Our average rating is 5 stars